Tuesday, 5 July 2011

05 JUL 11 -- Dead Lift

5/3/1 dead lift day!

Warm up sets:
205 (supposed to be 200, but it's easier to just throw on two 35 lbs plates to make it 205) x 5
250 x 5
300 x 3

Then, the working sets, following the 5/3/1 sequence, at 75, 85, and then 95% of the training max, which this week is set at 500 lbs:

375 x 5
425 x 3 (had to pause before the third one to reestablish my left grip)
475 x 6
Using the one-rep max calculator which Wendler reveals in his book, the one-rep max based on the final set is as follows:

475 x 6 x .0333 + 475 569.91 lbs for a ballpark one-rep max.
(Weight x reps x .0333 + weight = one rep max)

I have found this ballpark calculator to be actually reasonably accurate, plus or minus ten lbs. It's certainly a good way to gauge one's progress and can be used to determine training maxes for the neophyte starting the program.

Then I did two singles of dead lifts: 515 x 1, 530 x 1, although on the last one, I wasn't in full lockout. The bar seemed snagged, was rubbing on my thigh and just didn't want to move. It was a good session nevertheless.

Assistance work: barbell shrugs, 225x20, and 315 for 3 x 10. One arm dumbbell rows with 100 lbs for 2 sets of 10 each arm, and then 120 lbs for a set of 10 with each arm. I finished with 3 x 15 BW sit ups on the incline board.

In a previous entry, I mentioned how I generally don't use protein powders. However, with 5 weeks left of training for the August competition, I figured I would try a new powder called "Monster Mass", as marketed by Cytosport. I'll be training harder for the next several weeks, and will need the extra nutrients to fuel the workouts and aid in rebuilding and recovery afterwards: with a whopping 600 calories per serving, plus 50 grams of protein, I think the Monster Mass will help the cause. It has a decent taste, probably the best I've sampled so far, and surprisingly, blends perfectly, with no residue or clumps. I'll review this product in the future, once I am able to determine the full effects:

Monster Mass

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