Thursday, 25 October 2012

25 OCT 12 -- Squat

When I started today's workout, I spent time on some Cybex machines doing various chest supported rows and also wide grip lat pulldowns. I will probably continue to do this on squat day to help warm up the upper back, shoulders and wrists. Squatting without warming up these upper body muscles and joints is uncomfortable for me.

The training max today is 415 lbs, and it's 5+ day. I used the advice of Jim Wendler, staying with the requisite number.

65% = 270 x 5
75% = 310 x 5
85% = 355 x 5

Using the "big, but boring" or BBB assistance workout, I followed up with deep squats,  using 210 lbs on the barbell and simply doing 5 sets of 10.

Nothing fancy, no going to failure and just worked on getting in what needed to be done.

Monday, 22 October 2012

22 OCT 12 -- Return to the Bench

The bench training max I have adjusted to 320 lbs, an increase of 10 lbs.

It's 5+ day:

65% = 210 x 5
75% = 240 x 5
85% = 270 x 15

The rep target was 12 reps, but I decided on continuing with some extra effort. 

Assistance work:

Incline DB Bench 70 lbs x 20, 15, 12, 12
Barbell Row 225 lbs x 4 x 8

I haven't done barbell rows in a long time. I may split up the rows between dumbbell and barbell rows. I can feel the barbell rows working the lats more directly.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

21 OCT 12 -- Dead Lift

Another beautiful day outside. A good day for dead lifting!

Training max is 435 lbs, and it's 5+ day.

65% = 285 x 5
75% = 325 x 5
85% = 370 x 15

Rep target was 10 reps, and I could have put out a few more, but stayed under the red line today.

Assistance work was simply barbell shrugs with 315 lbs for 5 x 10.

I may do some curls and rows tonight at home. For now, I just want to get outside and enjoy what is left of the day itself ;)

Friday, 19 October 2012

19 OCT 12 -- Back in the Saddle

I observed, as forementioned in my last post, a one-week deload to recover from the heavy lifting. Nothing really worth writing about, but during that time I just worked on some chin ups, and these were done at work. I did one strongman event session, this being on the 14th, and it consisted of just a bunch of log presses:

Log Press Poundages/Reps

40 x 15, 85 x 5, 140 x 5, 165 x 5, 210 x 2, 3, 220 x 2, 2, 175 x 5, 5, 5, 95 x 5 x 10.

I plan on working these into a full routine, but that session was just an experiment to see where I was at with these, and what sort of workout I could get from them. Also, applying 5/3/1 to the log press when the routine becomes implemented. They are a lot different than barbell or dumbbell presses, the big factor involving balancing the damn thing. Also, I do them as strict presses when lighter weights are involved, and only add the leg drive when I am close to the top poundages.

Today, the 19th, I trained the overhead press. Starting a new wave, all the poundages go up, normally 5 lbs for presses, and 10 for squats/deadlifts. However, after looking at where I am at with my reps versus weight used, I have decided to modify the weights to get some heavier work in:

Military Press 205 lbs
Dead Lift 435 lbs
Bench Press 320 lbs
Squat 415 lbs

Overhead press day with 5+:

65%  = 135 x 5
75%  = 155 x 5
85%  = 175 x 15

Rep target was 13 reps.

Assistance work today was supersetted chin ups and standing dumbbell presses using the 50-pounders for 5 x 10.


Friday, 12 October 2012

12 OCT 12 -- Double or Nothing

My workouts are always second place to the day to day duties and events in my life: family duty and my job. Some people put play before work, however, I cannot say that I am a member of that camp. Often, I work extra hours at work, and in the past there was a time when I was putting in at least twenty hours of overtime per week, every week, for several years. Raising my children and providing for their needs has always been my priority and if there is one thing that sickens me, it's a deadbeat dad. However, I digress...(end of rant)....

Today was a doubled up day. I can't hit the gym tomorrow, due to my work schedule, so I decided to combine two workouts --> bench and squat! It's 1+ day for both movements.

Bench training max is 310 lbs:

75% = 235 x 5
85% = 265 x 3
95% = 295 x 11

I was able to exceed my rep target by one on that last set.

Squat training max is 405 lbs:

75% = 305 x 5
85% = 345 x 3
95% = 385 x 5

Unfortunately, I came up short by 3 on my rep target for that movement. I worked sixteen hours overtime this week, and also burned my arm at work yesterday, singing all the hairs off of my left forearm. (Wahhhh!!!!) Put in notes: tired and sore today, lol.

No assistance work today. Next week, I will be observing a deload week, one that is overdue. The focus will be on conditioning, hill sprints et al.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10 OCT 12 -- Dead Lift 1+ Day

1+ day for the dead lift. Training max is 425 lbs.

Requisite warm up sets, then I hit the working poundages:

75% = 320 x 5
85% = 360 x 3
95% = 405 x 12

The rep target was 11 reps, and I could have cracked off two more, but held at 12. Crisp and fast.

Three singles to assess where I am:

435 x 1
455 x 1
475 x 1

Those ones were also easy and controlled. Good stuff.

Assistance work tonight was simply barbell shrugs: 225 lbs for 3 x 25.

I needed to get back to do some grocery shopping, so I left off there. Tomorrow, if things work according to plan, I'll be training the bench. See you then!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

The gym is closed tomorrow (it's Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow), so I made sure that I got my workout in today. Overhead press day, with the training max set at 195 lbs, and it's the 1+ workout.

Requisite warm ups, then:

75% = 145 x 5
85% = 165 x 3
95% = 185 x 12

I was able to exceed my rep target by 2 reps.

Singles followed, ramping up to assess where I am at with this:

205 x 1
230 x 1
235 x 1

It was evident on the last single that I had even more in me, and I think that 245 would have been feasible. I will wait for the completion of the next cycle before testing again.

Assistance work for today:

Standing dumbbell press 5 x 10 with the 50 pounders, supersetted with:
Bodyweight chin ups 4 x 6

That is a great combination. Chin ups seem to be like mashed potatoes, complementing any sort of meat dinner you happen to be eating, whether it be chicken, steak or pork. I mixed them in to achieve some counterbalance with the pressing, but I have even mixed them in with squats too at times. It's just a great exercise.

Finished up with 3 x 10 hammer curls using the 40 pounders.

Tonight, it will be roast turkey, mashed potatoes blended with mashed yams, fried green beans, squash, gravy, salad, and a dessert of pumpkin pie. After this workout session, I now have an excuse to go up for seconds!