Friday, 28 September 2012

27 SEP 12 -- Squat 345

I was up late again last night, missing out on some important sleep. I'll be working three 12-hour night shifts in a row, starting tonight,  so today's workout started first thing after getting the kids off to school. Lacking optimum conditions, I squeezed this one in, yet was still able to meet today's objective.

The new squat training max is 405 lbs, and it's 5+ day:

65% = 265 x 5
75% = 305 x 5
85% = 345 x 11

The rep target for today was eleven reps, so things are still chugging along.

Accessory work:

Returned to the 75% and 65% weights, respectively, and did 5 reps on each set. The focus was on going deep and maintaining good form. In between sets, I did 5 chin ups at at time, using bodyweight, for a total of 15 chin ups.

No barbell curls today. This was not due to being lazy or tired, but rather, I needed to get back to the house right away to see if my slow cooker was turned on. Before I left for the gym, I had put a beef roast in the crockpot, but after departing, I second-guessed myself as to whether I had turned the applicance on.  Happily, all was well when I returned home.

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