Wednesday, 26 September 2012

26 SEP 12 -- When Not To Bench !

Just finished two twelve-hour day shifts. We're in the process of making a bunch of adjustments on the job and both days were very hectic and demanding. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in tonight's training session after work, and also, after a quick supper. I said it a few posts ago, do not work out on a full stomach, and I did not heed my own advice. Then again, I rarely do!

Bench training max is up to 310 lbs and it's 5+ day for benching. I know that my 1 rep max is way higher than this, but when I got back into the program in August, I went with what I was capable of doing at the time and starting with 90% of that. My strength is increasing very rapidly, but I will stay on course with what I am doing.

Warm ups, always starting with the empty bar, then the working sets:

65% = 200 x 5
75% = 235 x 5
85% = 265 x 15

I almost got 16 reps, but needed a spot at the 2/3 point where I steamed out. The rep target was 13 for tonight .

Accessory work:

Incline dumbbell press 5 x 10 with the 70 lbs. dumbbells.
DB rows 3 x 10 each side with the 105 lbs dumbbell.

Do not eat before training. Do not perform dumbbell rows on a full stomach, lol.

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