Tuesday, 16 August 2011

16 AUG 11 -- Back to Dead Lifting

Hit the gym again this morning. I'm on 3-11, my favourite shift, and my best workouts are done in the morning hours after 9 a.m.

Dead lift training max is 520 lbs, and I am on the 3 x 3 week of the wave.

Warm up sets

210 x 5
260 x 5
310 x 3

Working sets

415 x 3
440 x 3
470 x 5

I could have done more reps, but having done so much heavy lifting during Saturday's competition, I didn't want to overtax my back this week. 5 reps is two over the requisite, and such a set keeps in line with Wendler's recommendation of holding some in the tank even when you know you can do more.

Assistance work was likewise light.

Barbell shrugs 235 lbs for 5 x 15
One arm dumbbell rows 105 lbs for 3 x 10 on each side.

I concluded the workout with some gym-bunny cardio, hitting the elliptical trainer for a fat-burning 20 minutes using the hills program.

And now, I am off to work, lol.

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