Thursday, 25 October 2012

25 OCT 12 -- Squat

When I started today's workout, I spent time on some Cybex machines doing various chest supported rows and also wide grip lat pulldowns. I will probably continue to do this on squat day to help warm up the upper back, shoulders and wrists. Squatting without warming up these upper body muscles and joints is uncomfortable for me.

The training max today is 415 lbs, and it's 5+ day. I used the advice of Jim Wendler, staying with the requisite number.

65% = 270 x 5
75% = 310 x 5
85% = 355 x 5

Using the "big, but boring" or BBB assistance workout, I followed up with deep squats,  using 210 lbs on the barbell and simply doing 5 sets of 10.

Nothing fancy, no going to failure and just worked on getting in what needed to be done.

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